Dear Skålleagues,

I wish I could say that it’s business as usual, but clearly, it’s not. These are uncertain times for everyone around the world, especially in our tourism and hospitality industry and for all of our Skål members in Canada.

The overall economic impact of COVID-19 on our industry remains unknown, as do many other factors. What we do know is that we are a strong and resilient industry and association that works closely and supports one another in the best times and in the worst of times. That is the Skål way.

We are thinking about all of our Skål members, your friends and families who are being impacted by this pandemic directly or indirectly. We will get through this crisis, as we have in the past, but right now we are all trying to figure out how we manage this situation that is out of our control.

We must remain diligent in managing this crisis with common sense and integrity.

We are concerned with the health of our members, and in keeping with recommendations by Health Canada we have decided to cancel our Skål Toronto meeting planned for Tuesday, March 24th at the Old Mill. We will plan another meeting at the historic Old Mill for the fall 2020. Thanks to our speakers who were to present, we hope you will join us for a future meeting to share your important topic.

The next planned meeting is April 21st at the Mississauga Golf and Country Club with Skål Toronto North and Skål Hamilton-Niagara clubs. Will be a great event and I am sure we will all some stories to share about the next few weeks.

I will make sure they serve Corona for the Skål toast !!!!

To all of our Skål Toronto members and your families – we wish you happiness, good health, friendship and long life. We will get through this and your Skål family around the world is here to help.

Warm regards and Skål,

President Sue on behalf of the Skål Toronto Board